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My name is Donald Carman and this website is to display my model railroad. I hope you enjoy it. Use some of the ideas and techniques for your model railroad. Maybe it will even encourage you to start on your own empire. Thanks for visiting and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Description of Railroad Modeled

The Conrail - Hagerstown Division is a fictitious line supposing Conrail had rail service from Washington DC (via Baltimore) to Pittsburgh. This would be a major time and cost savings for customers as it would be a direct route, not having to go through Harrisburg. Since this is trial line for Big Blue, they are starting out with only single trackage with passing sidings as required. The time is early 90s, before any talk of mergers/acquisitions. This line runs many of the standard Conrail trains; Coal, Auto parts, Intermodal, Locals and Fast Freights. Amtrak has trackage rights over the line. The Division starts at Baltimore, moving west, there is yard with engine servicing at Hagerstown (The start of the modeled portion). Next we move West past CD Tower where we interchange with CSX. This interchange generates a lot of traffic. Continuing on, we travel through Rockwood. Conrail serves many industries there. Still moving west we head into Allegany and Garrett Counties, the major coalfield area in Maryland. The Mettiki Coal Co. mine is next and it is a busy place. Next we move north and connect with the Pittsburgh Division at Everson, cross over the Monongahela River and end the run as we get into Pittsburgh.

Layout Summary

The layout is located in my basement and occupies most of 24 x 28ft. Construction method is " Plywood on 1x4 Standard Lumber. Road bed is cork over homasote.

Modular Railroading

In addition to a layout in progress in my basement, I belong to a local modular railroad club. The Ford Model Railraod Club (FMRC). It is a Club made up of primarily Ford employees. We have a modular railroad that we take to local train shows. It is unique because of it's 4 mainline / 2 level constuction. We have 2 HO Scale mainlines on the upper level and 2 O Scale mainlines on the lower level. The levels are seperated by a backdrop with only one scale visible on a side. The Mainlines cross at opposite corners and the other scale moves to the front.

More Info Ford Model Railroad Club

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Want the Finest Ice Scaper made? Take a look... Classic Lines, Solid Construction, Lexan Blade, Click on the link to find out more. Hand Crafted in the U.S.A.

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