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DCC Comand Center

DCC Command Center

Layout will be controlled by 3 Digitrax power districts. Loy's Toys provided the transformer kits. Also shown is a CMRI Smini (Super Mini-Node), powered by a computer power supply. Command station and boosters are grounded together.

DCCOD - DCC Otimized Detector

Occupancy Detectors

CMRI DCCOD - DCC optimized detectors. 10 shown - labeled for the zones they cover. Blue Pots are for sensitivity adjustment. They are mounted in a CMRI mother board.

SMC - Stall Motor Controller

Switch Motor Controller

Switch Motor Controller - CMRI SMC… used to control Tortoise switch motors. 2 wires go to each switch machine for power, when grounded a single lead activates the machine (open-turnout Normal, grounded-turnout Reversed).

SMC - Stall Motor Controller

Wiring Convention

Power Bus, Switch Machine Control and Detection Lines are shown. Bus wires each have their own unique location in the bench work supports (black-track power/detection, white-track power, green-common ground, orange +12v and Red +5v). Yellow wires are for switch machine power, with white wires for switch machine control. NOTE: Wiring needs to be well organized, color coordinated and labeled.

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