Conrail - Hagerstown Division



Layout building, control and hardware Links

Allen Gartner's Wiring for DCC page
-Great page full of DCC wiring stuff

Control Train Components
-Dispatcher panel components
-Great Signaling information

-Train Control; throttles, boosters, command stations and decoders

Atlas Model Railroad Co.
-Engines and cars, my favorite, best detail, value and one of the early companies to offer decoders in engines

JLC Enterprises Inc.
-Bruce Chubb's Company for CMRI information and parts
-CMRI, Computer Model Railroad Interface
-The leader in model train control

Favorite Model Railroads

Bruce Freidman's Website
-Great CSX railroad
-Large multi-level layout, Modern day mainline running

BSFN Chillicothe Subdivision
-Great BSFN railroad
-Large multi-level layout

Clifton Forge Division, C&O
-Beautiful scenery
-Prototypical signaling and dispatching

UP-Cascade Subdivision
-Single deck
-Great trackplan
-Sized like a real mortal could build & complete


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