Conrail - Hagerstown Division



Track Plan

Car Cards and Waybills

Operations on the Hagerstown Division will be with a Car Card Waybill System. The cards shown are from Micro Mark with home made boxes. There have been a few articles recently about a more prototypical Waybill. I am investigating these now.

Track Plan

Temporary Control Panel

This is one of my temporary control panels, I use it so I can run trains until I finish my CTC control Panel. It shows a sample of the graphics I will use to display the track plan on the control panel.

Track Plan

CTC Control Panel

This is a CTC control panel mock-up. Testing paint, lever and indicator options to get a prototypical look.

Track Plan

Signal Aspects

All train movements will be governed by Pennsy Style - Position Light Signals. This charts shows their meaning.

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